Studio Workshops


Somerset West, just off Main Rd

Introduction to basic wheel throwing
The course is booked on demand, groups welcome
This is either a 5 hour course or 3 x 5hr sessions (15 hrs) paid upfront
Class times will be six hours a day, from 9:00am – 4:00pm (6 hours x 3 days = 18 hours)
Price: 5 hrs R1000 25cm squared fired work. 3 x 5hrs R2500 50cm fired work

The basic clay preparation and building techniques are very important to learn as they provide the
student with skills to build whatever they’d like to in the future. These classes include basic wedging
techniques, a simple pinch pot and wheel throwing basics which includes centering and making simple cylindrical forms, moving on to an object of your choice.
All of these items can be either functional or sculptural or a combination of the two. Hand and wheelwork
can be combined to form a decorative or sculptural piece.
These works can be decorated with a full range of earth pigments, oxides and a large variety of coloured
slips during making. They will be glazed and fired after 3 weeks drying time. They are ready for collection
4 weeks after being made.
This short course can be offered over 3 consecutive Saturdays or Tuesdays



Beginners and intermediate course in handwork and sculpture over a series of 4 sessions on Tuesdays 3-8pm, Fridays 2 – 5pm or Saturdays 10am -3pm
The course takes place in a fully equipped clay studio in Somerset West. All materials are provided. Each participant can make a larger scale vessel or figurative or abstract sculpture.
– Price: R2500 per participant
This course does not require a knowledge of clay building basics
Part 1 Planning: sketches/concept brainstorm, clay prep, maquette/armature options
Part 2 Armature refining, building of basic form
Part 3 Building and blowtorching
Part 4 Finishing, colours/oxides/pigments, glazing while wet

Notes: Should a participant require additional supervised building time, there may be an additional rate
costed at R200 per 1.5 hour session. Participants are able to have access to works during certain times
to do additional work if necessary.
The studio kilns can take 50cm in height. Width should be 20-25cm. There are options of taller or wider
works, up to one meter tall and 45cm wide to fire elsewhere. There will be an additional material and kiln
cost of R700
Works are cared for during a 2 to 3 week drying process. The participant needs to make a time on a
Saturday or a Tuesday eve, at no additional cost, to assess drying and do any repairs of final touches.
This is supervised by myself.
Firing takes place when work is completely dry. There are ways to speed drying up, but this is a
slow process especially if works are made from thick clay.
This course allows for experimentation with materials and surfaces